• Gain deeper insights with improved Quality Score reporting

      Effective ads connect people with the content that’s most relevant to them, right when they’re looking for it. In AdWords, you can assess how relevant your keywords, ads, and landing pages are by evaluating Quality Score and its components: expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance and landing page experience.

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  • New AdWords innovations to drive better results for your business

    Consumers are more curious, more demanding, and more impatient than ever—and even more so during the busy holiday season. AdWords has been redesigned to help you reach these mobile-first consumers in faster and easier ways. Today, we’re introducing more innovations available only in the new experience.

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  • Let it snow new users with Universal App campaigns

    This holiday season, consumers want to get exactly what they want, instantly and effortlessly. And it's often a mobile app that delivers what they need — whether it's a flight home or a new puzzle game to pass the time during the flight. To reach these consumers when they’re ready to take action, marketers, app developers and agencies turn to Universal App campaigns (UAC).

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  • New: AdWords Data Control makes Data Studio reports even easier

    According to research, 61% of marketing decision makers said they struggled to access or integrate the data they needed last year.1 And who can blame them, given how hard it is to gather data in one place and make it easy to understand? It's not easy to pull reports in all kinds of formats, import them into spreadsheets or databases, calculate and derive fields, share it all wit ...

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  • ‘Tis the season to get customers back in your app

    This holiday season, millions of people around the world will use mobile apps to shop, travel, and get things done. Consumers have more choice than ever before, so it’s critical for marketers and developers to deliver seamless experiences that keep users coming back. During this busy time of year, it's even more important for marketers to engage people with relevant ads that mak ...

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  • Best practices to succeed with Universal App campaigns

    It’s almost time to move all your AdWords app install campaigns to Universal App campaigns (UAC). Existing Search, Display and YouTube app promo campaigns will stop running on November 15th, so it’s important to start upgrading to UAC as soon as possible. With UAC, you can reach the right people across all of Google’s largest properties like Google Search, Google Play, YouTube ...

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  • Unwrapping new innovations for the holidays and beyond

    The end of 2017 is just around the corner, and for many marketers, the most important time of year is still to come: the holiday season. With mobile as their “anywhere” assistant, today’s researched-obsessed shoppers are more curious, demanding and impatient than ever before. Today, we’re introducing innovations to help you meet these rising consumer expectations and win more cu ...

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  • 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your AdWords Performance

    We have announced newer information on Google Customer Reviews. Please refer to it for the latest updates and information. With the recent international launches of the Ad Innovations site, we want to take a minute to call out a few simple things you can do to quickly improve the performance of your AdWords ads.

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  • Get visitors to your landing page faster with parallel tracking

    As technology enables more assistive experiences, consumer's expectations for seamless web experiences are now higher than ever before. In fact, a one second delay in mobile page load can decrease conversions up to 20%.1 But when someone clicks an ad with URL tracking, this can cause a delay that prevents them from reaching a website for hundreds of milliseconds.

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  • Smarter Attribution for everyone

    Cross-posted from the Google Analytics blog. In May, we announced Google Attribution, a new free product to help marketers measure the impact of their marketing across devices and across channels. Advertisers participating in our early tests are seeing great results. Starting today, we’re expanding the Attribution beta to hundreds of advertisers.

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  • The new AdWords experience is now available to everyone

    When we first announced the rollout of the new AdWords experience, our goal was simple: to introduce a faster and more intuitive AdWords that's focused on helping you reach your business goals. Starting today, the new AdWords experience is available to all advertisers. Get more done, faster First, you’ll notice that your account pages load faster—on average, 20% faster—so you ...

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  • Bring more foot traffic to your business with YouTube and Display ads

    This year, around 90% of global sales will happen in a physical store.1 To bring more shoppers through the door, businesses need tools to efficiently reach nearby consumers and measure their campaign performance across channels. That's why we introduced store visits measurement back in 2014. Since then, businesses around the world have measured over 7 billion store visits in AdWords.

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  • Find more of your “star” customers with Universal App Campaigns

    We recently announced that we'll be moving all AdWords app install campaigns to Universal App Campaigns (UAC). Starting on October 16th, all new app install campaigns created in AdWords will run on UAC. Existing Search, Display and YouTube app promo campaigns will stop running on November 15th, so it’s important to start upgrading to UAC as soon as possible.

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  • Changes to Google Shopping in Europe

    Shopping ads help retailers and brands connect with shoppers whether they’re at home, on the go or in the store. Starting today, Comparison Shopping Services have a new opportunity to use Shopping ads to advertise on Google.com in EEA countries1 and Switzerland on behalf of retailers they represent.

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